Shot Of The Day

We would love to feature you in one of our “Shot of the Day” photos!! Send us your photos upon arrival from your adventure and we will share it on our site!

Klint South Texas Buck

The 2015-2016 deer hunting season will be over in a few days across North America. It’s been a great season despite record high temperatures and rain fall in many regions. As time permits, we are going to share some photos from this season. Today’s Whitetail photo is from South Texas. A beautiful “6×6” or 12 point typical buck scoring 181 points. Congratulations Klint on a buck of a lifetime!!

Shelby 1st GA Buck

A big congratulations to Shelby, our office manager here at Wes Hixon’s Outdoor Adventures. She took her first Georgia Buck yesterday evening!!

Well done Shelby…you hunted hard, overcame a few “bumps in the road,” learned a lot and ended up having a successful season.

Those of you who have met Shelby in person know her smile…it’s always there!! for everyone around the globe that communicates with Shelby, here is a face to associate with a name. I hope Shelby doesn’t shoot me for sharing this photo of her “all dressed up looking prim and proper.”


Katie Kerby

Congratulations to Katie in harvesting her trophy South Dakota Buck. What an 8 point! He’s go it all: width, mass and tines; adding up to 149 B&C points. “GO GIRL!!”

Bill White Saskatchewan Whitetail

Congratulations to my long time friend Bill White. Bill traveled with me to Saskatchewan and killed this beautiful 161″ 11-point buck. Bill is an inspiration to a lot of us at 83 years of age!!

4th Generation Professional Hunter!!

Today is a very special day for Peter Chipman. “Sam,” his 13-year-old son, took his first Cape Buffalo. It seems like it was just a couple of years ago when “Uncle Wes” and friends were in Livingstone celebrating Sam’s birth. As many of you who have hunted with us know…Sam is a very keen hunter having taken a lot of plains game animals prior to this Cape Buffalo. Congratulations young man!!