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Travel Guard and Global Rescue protection insurances are highly recommended on all adventure travel trips. Speak with us when booking your trip for up-to-date details and cost.

You will see fauna and flora here in the Cameroon Rainforest unlike any other place in the world. Come experience approximately 690 species of birds, 250 species of reptiles and 409 species of mammals including Mandrill Monkeys and Silverback Gorillas!

Cameroon – Rainforest Hunts

All forest animals are hunted during the rainy season in April, May, June and July. The reason for hunting during the rainy season is the ability to spot fresh tracks. In the rain forest all animals seem to prefer to move around more when it is raining.

In Cameroon Bongo, Dwarf Forest Buffalo, Forest Sitatunga, Forest Elephant, Giant Forest Hog and Red River Hog are hunted with the world renowned Pygmy Trackers. When the Pygmies locate a track that would imply a trophy case animal, they stay on the track until the dogs begin to trail the scent. For Bongo hunting, once the dogs bay the animal you move in and your professional hunter judges the trophy and the final decision to shoot or pass on the animal is made. Due to the thick forest foliage most shots on Bongo are approximately 10 years or less. It’s a very exciting hunt and an unbelievable Africa experience.

Cameroon – Rainforest Hunts

Cameroon Rain Forest Safaris for Bongo, Elephant, Sitatunga, Dwarf Buffalo and Much More

Forest safaris are 16 days including your day of travel to camp and day of departure from camp, leaving 14 full days of hunting. All hunts are guided on a “1×1” basis (unless otherwise requested). Normally each camp will have 2 hunters unless otherwise requested.

All safaris begin and end in Douala, Cameroon. Private air charters are used to reach the rain forest camps. These charters are normally 1 or 2 hours in duration depending on the type of aircraft used. We strive to arrange our safari schedule in such a manner that allows our arriving and departing guests to split the cost of the air charters. Still, air charters in Cameroon are very expensive. Please inquire as to current approximate cost and aircraft options when booking your safari.


All sleeping accommodations are extremely comfortable with en-suite flush toilets and running water. Laundry is done on a daily basis, but please keep in mind, that because of the humidity and rain, this may take longer than normal, so always bring at least 3 sets of hunting clothes.


Safari Rates:

Bongo “OR” Sitatunga (combined with Elephant or Buffalo) in Boumba, Lokomo or Covaref Camps $30,000 U.S.D.
Bongo “AND” Sitatunga safari in Boumba, Lokomo or Covaref Camps $35,000 U.S.D.
Bongo “OR” Sitatunga (combined with Buffalo or Elephant) in Lognia Camp $40,000 U.S.D.
Bongo “AND” Sitatunga safari in Lognia Camp $45,000 U.S.D.


Big hunting license allows for taking of two different species from group A and four from group B or C. Small hunting license allows for all species from group C (none from A and B). It is illegal to double the same species, irrespective of the license taken.

Available species and trophy fees in Euros (*):

Group A
Elephant €5000
Bongo €3000
Dwarf Buffalo €1500
Forest Sitatunga €2500


Group B
Giant Forest Hog €1000
Bush Pig €500
Peter’s Duiker €250


Group C
Gabon Duiker €250
Blue Duiker €250
Ogilby’s Duiker €250
Bay Duiker €250
Black-Fronted Duiker €250
Bate’s Pygmy Antelope €250
Python €325

(*) Anti-poaching and community-development program: In order to support an effective year-round anti-poaching campaign, as well as for advocating the value of wildlife to the villagers adjacent to and within our hunting blacks, a fee of 10% of the above trophy fees will be collected to fund these programs under our direct supervision. We have implemented these programs in all our hunting areas and have found that the results of direct funding for these necessary actions have been extremely beneficial in the overall quality of the hunting experience offered or our clients. these fees are paid at the conclusion of the safari, based on the final trophy fee amounts.

Note: Government fee might be modified (increased) without prior notice. The outfitter cannot be held responsible for any such modifications.

These Prices Include:

  • Airport assistance upon arrival and departure
  • Professional hunter with trackers and porters
  • Full board and soft drinks while in camp: beer and wine in reasonable quantities with meals
  • Support crew: cook, skinner, waiter, laundry service, driver, mechanic, etc.
  • Fully-equipped, permanent camp with stone-built bungalows and en-suite bathroom, lounge/dining area
  • Use of additional semi-permanent fly-camp
  • Preparation of trophies for shipment
  • Unlimited use of hunting vehicles while on safari

These Prices Do Not Include:

  • Observers for 300 U.S.D. per day
  • Big Hunting License: €1000; Small Hunting License: €500
  • Trophy fees on animals taken or wounded (*)
  • Pre-taxidermy, packing & wrapping, transport until Douala, storage until the shipping agent takes care of the trophies
    • Animals included in one Big License: €975
    • Medium License only: €600
    • Big and Medium License: €1250
    • Full skins animals from group A: €100 each (except for elephant parts or full skin, which will be more costly, depending on the individual case)
  • Intercontinental flights
  • Charter flights Douala-Camp round trip or domestic flights
  • Possible renting of rifles and ammunition
  • Personal expenses of any sort: hotel charges before and after the safari, possible use of our satellite telephones, possible extra trips for picking up delayed luggage/rifles
  • Gratuity for staff & PH
  • Any kind of insurance

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