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What made Saskatchewan famous…Big 300 pound plus, giant snow country Bucks, with dark mahogany antlers sporting unbelievable mass. If you have hunted here you know the deafening silence of this snow covered winter wonderland and you will never forget the seemingly ghost-like appearance of the Trophy Buck of your dreams. If you have not hunted here, you owe yourself at least one trip in your life.

Harrison Crossing Outfitters

Having hunted in this area for more than 20 years, Wes often shares the following thoughts with interested hunters: “Under fair chase conditions, Saskatchewan, Canada is my number one choice in the world for the opportunity to take a Whitetail Buck that scores 150 or better Boone and Crockett points. Everyone who hunts here shares equal odds at taking a world class Whitetail Buck, regardless of experience, or physical hunting abilities. Based on my own personal hunts, I have had the opportunity to take a Whitetail Buck that gross scores 160 or better on at least one of every three hunts I’ve taken here, with the opportunity to harvest a 150’s class buck on all of the other hunts. Where else can a hunter go and have these odds of success under fair chase conditions?”

Harrison Crossing Outfitters

Whitetail hunts are conducted from enclosed, comfortable stands on large private alfalfa fields and in the forest fringe areas. This is cattle country in addition to being big wild country. Often times Black Bear, Elk, Moose, Coyote and Wolf are spotted from your Deer stand. When it’s real cold, heaters are used in the stands.

Typical Itinerary for a 6-day Whitetail Deer and/or Black Bear Hunts

You will fly or drive to Saskatoon, arriving on Saturday, and stay in a hotel that night. You will rent a car and drive to camp Sunday morning arriving in time to check your rifle or archery equipment and make sure they are shooting correctly. Get settled in, have dinner and start hunting on Monday. Hunt through the following Saturday evening, returning to Saskatoon Saturday night and departing Sunday morning for your trip home.

Your trip is not over if you are successful in harvesting your Whitetail Deer or Black Bear early in the hunt. You can stay and go with your guide to check baits and stands, accompany a friend on his or her hunt, sight-see, fish (on Spring Bear hunts), or relax and enjoy the beautiful country and great food. See additional information on our Whitetail Deer and Black Bear hunts below.

All non-resident big game hunters must be guided by a licensed outfitter.

Whitetail Deer Hunts:

Wes has hunted this area for years and has taken several good whitetail bucks; the last of which was November 2015. This buck scored 164 inches.

In addition, Wes’ 83-year-old longtime friend, Bill, took this 161 inch buck on the same hunt.

Black Bear Hunts:

Bear numbers are extremely high in this area as well as a very large number of color phase bears. Much of this area never gets hunted. Opportunity to harvest a mature Black Bear usually runs at 100% with archery or a gun. However, nothing is guaranteed on a wild, free ranging, fair chase hunt. Yet maximum effort will be put forward to produce the opportunity for each hunter to take a trophy Black Bear. Coincidentally, to date none of our Black Bear hunters have failed to have a shot at a mature Bear.


  • "In 35 years going out of state hunting (at least 50 trips) I would rank it in the top three I have been on. It's hard to decide what was the best part - whether it was the people or scenery or quality of game. It was by far undersold and over delivered of any hunt I have been on. Thanks again for all your help putting it together."
    - Ian H.


The camp is fully modern with 3 bedrooms each having two full sized beds in addition to two showers and bathrooms. the lodge is cleaned spotless daily, has a beautiful den with cable TV, Wi-Fi, telephone, and a spacious kitchen and dining area where homemade breads, cookies, pies and cakes are prepared daily, along with delicious home-cooked meals.


Whitetail Deer

– Hunts are 6 days in length and cost is $4,500.00 per person plus your non-resident license fees.
– A maximum of 6 hunters are booked on any hunt.

Black Bear

– Hunts are 6 days and cost is $3,200.00 per person.

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