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Last time I was here I shot the 28th Brown Bear I saw in 5 days of hunting. He was an exceptionally large bear for this area, squaring 9 ft. 4 in. Most often here Bears are going to square anywhere from 8-8.5 ft. It’s a very interesting hunt and you see a lot of flora and fauna indigenous to this area. Give us a call to book yours!

Juneau, Alaska

These hunts take place in what is commonly referred to as the A.B.C. Islands – Admiralty, Baranof and Chichagof Islands. Admiralty conservatively boasts one of the densest Brown Bear populations in the world; one Brown Bear per square mile. It is estimated there are between 1,700 and 2,500 Brown Bears on Admiralty Island alone. While hunting here you will travel and live aboard a 65-foot yacht. This proven ship has comfortable and spacious accommodations that can sleep up to six guests.

Juneau, Alaska

Hunting Bears by boat in Southwest Alaska is likely one of the physically easiest and most aesthetically pleasing Bear hunts in North America. In the Spring, Bears are seen along the salt-water beaches and grass flats feeding on sedge grass or spawning Herring. During Fall hunts you will hunt them on spawning Salmon streams. Trout, Salmon, Halibut and Crab fishing can be included on your trip and fishing tackle is furnished.

Our outfitter has 38 years experience guiding this area. In addition to his experience as a guide, he is seasonally employed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife in Brown and Black Bear research. Since 1973 he has snared, trapped, immobilized, radio collared, tagged, weighed, measured, tracked, etc.., approximately 700 Brown Bears and over 300 Black Bears, and entered many of their dens. As a Brown Bear expert, he has appeared on several TV programs such as National Geographic, Audubon, The Today Show, Mutual of Omaha’s Wildlife Trust and several PBS segments.

Due to his continuous exposure to Brown Bears, he has had to kill 4 in situations at less than 20 feet, not to mention one while being chewed on! It has been said that with his extensive Brown Bear knowledge he may know more about the Brown Bears that inhabit the rain forest of Southeast Alaska than anyone else. For many years our clients have enjoyed unbelievable success on this hunt. In fact, during a 10-day Brown Bear hunt it is not uncommon to see more than 25 Brown Bears.


Your “floating base camp” includes two showers, a 360-degree walk around deck, fantail, roomy salon, VHF radio and satellite phone for communication. Your floating base camp could potentially anchor in a different bay or fiord nearly every day. Forays are made with a Lund or Hewscraft skiff.


Hunt Fees

10-Day Spring or Fall Brown Bear Hunt $16,500.00
5-Day Spring or Fall Black Bear Hunt $4,500.00
10-Day Spring Brown Bear and Black Bear Combination Hunt $18,500.00


$300.00 per day

Non-Resident License and Tags

Hunting and 14 Day Fishing License $265.00
Non-Resident Hunting License $160.00
Non-Resident Alien Annual Hunting License $630.00
Brown Bear Tag $1,000.00
Non-Resident Alien Brown/Grizzly Bear Tag $1,300.00
Black Bear Tag $450.00
Non-Resident Alien Black Bear Tag $600.00
*Sitka Black-Tail Deer Tag $300.00
*Non-Resident Alien Sitka Black-Tail Deer Tag $400.00
*Wolf Tag $60.00
*Non-Resident Alien Wolf Tag $100.00
*Please note: Sitka Black-Tail Deer and Wolf can be included in these hunts

We do not book Brown and Black Bear hunts during the Fall season dates. When notified in advance, hunt dates may be customized by species. Please contact us for availability.

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