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Reflecting back on approximately 36 years in business, there is no way Wes can remember how many days he has spent on safari in South Africa. For the first time African traveler or the seasoned safari enthusiasts we welcome the opportunity to be of service to you, your family, friends or group to come enjoy a photo safari, game capture and relocating safari, wingshoot, Plains Game or Big Game safari. Without a doubt the country of South Africa has the most diversified species of Plains Game for the hunter to choose from on the African continent. Having helped several hundred people custom plan their South African safaris annually for 30 plus years, we have plenty of references for you to speak with who have hunted with us in all nine of the provinces of South Africa. Wes has personally harvested over 40 of the species of game available in South Africa.

South Africa

South Africa Safari Cost Shoppers please consider this when comparing safari quotes. When you book a safari with us to South Africa we include the following: 14% V.A.T. tax (that’s correct “WE” pay this tax not you), your hunting license, we file your South African Police Service (SAPS) gun permits and pay for them, VIP meet and greet services upon your arrival in Johannesburg, all ground transportation at no extra charge from your arrival until departure, all meals, lodging, daily laundry services, soft drinks, bottled water, beer, wine and spirits in moderation. When you book a safari with us it will be 7, 10, 14 or 21 full days of hunting, wingshooting, game capture or photo safaris. In other words, your day of arrival and departure are not considered activity days and you are not charged for these days; even though we provide your meals and lodging. Bottom line, we have no hidden charges or unadvertised add-ons to your safari.

You pay for your international airlines cost, trophy fees of game shot, any personal charges like curios or souvenirs, staff tips and taxidermy fees.

South Africa

Rassie (left) and Wes (right)

We have one person in South Africa who handles all of the choosing where each safari is conducted. We make this decision based on the priority animals you choose for your safari. Early on in Wes’ African hunting career he learned very quickly he did not need several professional hunters spread out in many locations across the country of South Africa. We needed one person we could depend on to take our clients into the best areas to be successful in harvesting the trophies they wanted to harvest. Thus several years ago Rassie and Wes joined forces in South Africa and the USA, and this has worked very well. Rassie was born and raised on a farm in Rhodesia; now known as Zimbabwe. Rassie started hunting as a young farm boy, shooting his first impala at 6 years of age and his first cape buffalo at 14 years of age. Rassie obtained 3 degrees in law and joined the Department of Justice as a prosecutor. He also served as a magistrate judge and later in his career practiced private law. During his law career Rassie became a free lance professional hunter. In 1998 Rassie decided to turn his passion into a full time career. He is one of the few people with approximately 30 years of membership with the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association. Rassie is a meek guy, who is always smiling, taking care of every detail and without a doubt is a honest, professional man.



Cape Buffalo and Sable Safari 10 Days 1×1 Guided

These safaris will be sold on a first come, first booked basis. This is one heck of a deal as it includes the trophy fees for both the cape buffalo and the sable, hunting license, gun permits, airport reception and departure services, all ground transportation surrounding your safari, meals, lodging, daily laundry services, soft drinks, bottled water, beer, wine and spirits in moderation. Additional Plains Game animals can be harvested at regular published trophy fee rates OR if you would like to spend the last few days of your safari relaxing and enjoying a photo safari at our Sabie River Lodge adjacent to the Kruger National park, we will be happy to host you.


Our shoots normally take place in the Limpopo and Western Cape Provinces depending on the time of season, annual rains and the species you are most interested in shooting. We shoot doves, pigeons, francolin, guineafowl, ducks and geese as seasons and export permits allow annually. Our wingshoots are limited to 4 guests or 2 couples. The cost is $550.00 per day, per person. All shoots include: 12 or 20 gauge shotguns and shells OR bring your own double barrel or pump action shotgun (no semi-automatic shotguns can be imported), airport reception and departure services, hunting license and gun permits, all ground transportation surrounding your safari, meals, lodging, daily laundry services, soft drinks, bottle water, beer, wine and spirits in moderation.

South Africa Photo Safari

These safaris are conducted from our own lodge on the banks of the Sabie River at Kruger National Park. Our rates include visits to Kruger Park for game viewing and photographing lion, leopard, cape buffalo, elephant, rhino, crocodile and many other species of birds and animals. Elephant back safaris, night game viewing drives in Kruger, visits to cultural villages, see a predator sanctuary, airport reception and departure services, all ground transportation, soft drinks, bottled water, meals, lodging and daily laundry services costing $350.00 per day, per person. Special family and group rates are arranged. Should you wish to visit Cape Town and enjoy the many activities there we will be happy to custom plan your visit; enjoying the beautiful beaches, fine restaurants, the many sights, touring wine lands and yes viewing the great white sharks face-to-face in your underwater cage! All Cape Town venues are custom planned and priced.

Game Capture and Relocation

Do you enjoy being up close to wildlife? If so come be part of South Africa’s wildlife success stories. You will accompany us into areas and take part in erecting a boma (corral or enclosure), setting up the capture nets and boarding helicopters for a birds eye view witnessing something that few people will ever have the opportunity to see, much less be a part of; an African wildlife capture that includes vaccinating, relocating, and fitting wildlife with tracking and transmitting devices. Imagine yourself driving down the highway with a big giraffe in the back of your truck!! Or darting a rhino and loading him on the back of a truck or trailer for his trip to his pre-chosen relocation area. For those of you who are real brave souls we will save the cape buffalo…have you got guts enough to face Africa’s “Black Death” with a dart gun? These trips are scheduled for 8 days. The cost is $2,000.00 per person. Trips include airport reception and departure services, all ground transportation surrounding your trip, guides, lodging, daily laundry services, meals, soft drinks, bottle water, beer, wine and spirits in moderation.



  • I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for linking me with Rassie. He and his staff were superb in regards to organization, preparation and planning of this hunt. Rassie's calm, relaxed demeanor made the safari incredibly enjoyable. His knowledge of the game and skills in the field were impeccable. Combine all these things with hunting in areas of high trophy potential, made the trip unforgettable!
    - Brian B.


We utilize several beautiful lodges in great areas to ensure your success while on safari with us. Please make sure you take the time to click on the photos and view the many lodging and trophy photos from each of our areas. The costs listed here are from our quality hunting areas and very nice lodges. However, if you have budget constraints and are willing to hunt from a 3-star camp verses a 5-star camp and not have wine, beer and alcohol provided to save money, yet not affect the quality of trophies you harvest, please advise us and we will be happy to custom quote your safari cost. Finally, if you are a person who doesn’t mind paying a few extra dollars in order to experience the 5-star+ lodges and camps, please inform us and we will offer you some additional options to choose from.


Plainsgame Safaris

Daily Rates:

Guided 1×1 – $365.00 per person per day
Guided 2×1 – $285.00 per person per day
Non-Hunting Observers – $175.00 per day

Trophy: Fee: Trophy: Fee:
*Black Springbok $850.00 *Black Wildebeest $1,100.00
*Black-Backed Jackal $200.00 *Blue Duiker $2,000.00
*Blue Wildebeest $1,100.00 *Bontebok $2,500.00
*Bushpig $1,300.00 Cape Grysbok $800.00
*Civet $600.00 *Common Blesbuck $400.00
*Common Duiker $400.00 *Common Reedbuck $1,200.00
*Common Springbuck $350.00 *Common Waterbuck $2,200.00
*Common/Golden Springbuck $350.00 *Eland $2,500.00
*Fallow Deer $650.00 *Gemsbok $1,200.00
*Genet $260.00 *Giraffe $2,800.00
*Greater Kudu $2,500.00 Grysbuck $2,000.00
*Impala $400.00 *Limpopo Bushbuck $1,200.00
*Mountain Reedbuck $950.00 *Nyala $2,800.00
Oribi $2,500.00 *Porcupine $200.00
Red Duiker $2,200.00 *Red Hartebeest $1,100.00
*Red Lechwe $2,800.00 Roan $8,000.00
Sable $7,500.00 *Serval $1,800.00
*Steenbok $400.00 *Suni $3,500.00
*Tsessebe $3,000.00 Vaal Rhebuck $2,200.00
*Warthog $400.00 *White Blesbuck $1,500.00
*White Springbuck $950.00  *Zebra $1,200.00
*These animals will be hunted in 2 possibly 3 different areas, but are readily available.


Cape Buffalo P.O.R. Elephant P.O.R.
Lion P.O.R. Rhino P.O.R.


Elephant Combo Safaris


14 Day Elephant, Buffalo and Lion Safari – All Inclusive P.O.R.
14 Day Elephant and Buffalo Safari – All Inclusive P.O.R.
12 Day Elephant and Lion Safari – All Inclusive P.O.R.

Cape Buffalo Safari

7 Day Cape Buffalo Special – All Inclusive P.O.R.

Rhino Safari

White Rhino Safari – All Inclusive P.O.R.



South Africa Big Game Specials

14 Day “1×1” Guided Elephant Safari P.O.R.
10 Day “1×1” Guided Lion Safari P.O.R.
7 Day “1×1” Guided Buffalo Safari P.O.R.
7 Day “1×1” Guided Hippo and/or Crocodile Safari P.O.R.
10 Day “1×1” Guided Rhino Safari P.O.R.
21 Day “1×1” Guided Elephant, Buffalo, Lion and Hippo Safari P.O.R.

These safaris include: Trophy fees for each of the above animals, airport reception and return for departure at the Johannesburg International Airport, all ground transportation surrounding your hunt, meals, lodging, drinks, daily laundry service, 14% V.A.T. tax, full support staff, field care and delivery of trophies to shipping agent or taxidermist.

All rates are quoted in U.S.D. and prices are subject to change without notice.

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