King County

November 16-21, 2020 December 14-19, 2020

The ranch terrain consists of wheat fields, food plots, mesquite flats and deep cedar filled canyons.​ ​Hunting techniques used will be spot and stalk, rattling, stand hunting wheat fields, food plots and feeders.  

Colorado-Mule Deer

October 23-27, 2019

***Please Note*** If you have three or more Colorado preference points, you should draw a mule deer license here, thus saving you the cost of the land voucher permit. Hunters normally experience 100% opportunities on trophy class mule deer annually. Most of these deer are scoring in the 170-200 inch…

Black Bear Hunt with Hounds

Hunts take place from August 16-31 or September 25 – October 15, annually

A typical day starts out, every morning, driving roads through beautiful scenery. Normally, the hounds “Strike off of the dog box from the truck” and the race is on until a color phase black bear is treed or bayed. Success normally runs 100%, most days, with 4 guides hunting, 2…



Trophy Elk Hunts This ranch normally offers Elk hunters the opportunity to take a 320 to 370 class Bull Elk. Occasionally we take Elk larger than this with Bulls scoring more than 400 B&C points having been taken. Trophy Whitetail Hunts Hunters will see a lot of bucks on this…