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Quite frankly, we do not book you for these hunts if you are not in

“Sheep Shape.”

British Columbia, Canada

For more than 40 years, this family operated outfitting business has offered horseback hunts and wilderness adventures in British Columbia’s Northeast Rocky Mountains. This family and their experienced guides offer a large variety of wilderness hunting experiences, having 25 established camps which are serviced by three airstrips, a quality horse herd and an extensive network of trails.

British Columbia, Canada

The main lodge and base camp is reached via charter flight from Fort Nelson. All hunters are met upon arrival in Fort Nelson and taken to catch their charter flights. Horses and tack are furnished. Each camp has a cook and a wrangler. All food and camp equipment is provided.

Horns and skulls are cleaned; capes and hides are salted, dried and transported to town (when expedient) for shipping. All usable meat is packed in camp as required by regulations. Each hunter is required to purchase a big game license and tag for each animal the hunter intends to hunt.

Stone Sheep

We suggest a 15-day Sheep hunt to ensure a good chance at a ram. Legal rams are defined by a full curl regulation requiring the curl to extend over the bridge of the nose, or eight years old as determined by horn annuli. Is it crucial that we harvest older rams as our quotas are adjusted by age. We expect all hunters to be in good physical condition. To hunt either Sheep or Goat, you will need to be able to ride, walk, climb and shoot accurately after making a stalk. Quite frankly, we do not book you for these hunts if you are not in “Sheep Shape.” We expect to get you a shot at a ram, the rest is up to you. The priority on Sheep hunts is the ram, but other species including Goat, Moose, Caribou, Elk, Wolf, Grizzly and Black Bear are also available depending on camp and season. 15-day Sheep hunts run from August 1 to October 15.

Elk, Moose or Goat

Elk are our most abundant species, and we have some of the best rut hunting for trophy 6-point Elk in North America. We hunt Canadian Moose. They are distributed throughout the area, and can be hunted as a priority species or on a combination hunt. We have some excellent, lightly hunted Goat country in the western part of our guide area and the key to success is having the time to hunt them, and be in “Goat Shape.” We operate from three different airstrips, and depending on time and season, hunts from these bases may range out to various out-camps, each having different combinations of tent and cabin facilities. Horses are used extensively while hunting. Four prime time hunts are set up to run in 10 day segments from August 24 to October 7, although longer hunts can be arranged to maximize opportunities for additional species.

Brief regulation synopsis: A 3-point minimum is in effect on Elk from August 15 to September 9, increasing to a 6-point minimum from September 10 through October. We also have a special rut archery Elk season from September 10-30, in a portion of the area. Moose go from an any bull regulation, August 15-31, to a 3-point brow tine or 10-point minimum through September and October. Caribou are also any bull in August, and then go to 5-point antler top in September. We hunt for big male Billy Goats with seasons currently restricted to the month of September in the majority of the guide area, as well as an August 15 opening in a remote western unit. We now have an archery season that starts August 15 and runs through October with a 3-point minimum horn restriction.

Additional Species

Additional species: Black Bear and Wolf tags should be considered on all hunts. Mountain Caribou are specific to certain areas and seasons, and are a quality trophy to round out a combination hunt.


Our current quota allows us to harvest three Grizzly Bears annually in three different management units. We offer Grizzly-specific hunts or in conjunction with other species. We encourage you to bring tags for all species that are open during your hunt with the exception of the quota species (Grizzly and Sheep) which require specific booking.



Hunts are priced on a per hunter basis in U.S. funds. All hunts are guided “1×1” (one hunter with one guide). Each hunter is required to purchase a big game license and tag for each animal the hunter intends to hunt. The following hunting license and fees are in U.S. funds for non-resident aliens and are subject to change. Please note these are 2012 license and tag fees and include a 5% GST charge.

Hunting License $190.00
Stone Sheep $650.00
Grizzly Bear $1,030.00
Mountain Goat $350.00
Elk $250.00
Moose $250.00
Caribou $230.00
Black Bear $180.00
Wolf N/C

Moose Hunt 10 Days :                  Guided:  1×1  $11,500.00 Guided :2×1 $8,900.00

Mountain Goat Hunt ,10 Days:  Guided: 1×1  $11,500.00 Guided: 2×1 $9,500.00

Goat/Caribou Hunt ,10 Days  Guided: 1×1  $13,900.00 Guided: 2×1 $10,900.00

Moose,Mountain Goat,Caribou&Wolf 14 Day Hunt:          Guided:1×1 $18,900.00

Note: As a member of the Guides Outfitters Association of B.C. they are required to collect a Canadian $125.00 per hunter surcharge.

Tentative Hunting Seasons:

Stone Sheep – August 1-October 15

Elk and Moose – August 15-October 31

Mountain Goat – August 15-October 15

Mountain Caribou – August 21-September 30

Grizzly Bear – April 15-June 15, August 25-October 26

Black Bear – April 15-June 15, August 15-November 1

Mule Deer – October 10-November 4

Wolf – August 1-May 31

**Please Note** Stone Sheep and Grizzly Bear are on annual quota

Additional Charges: Round trip charter fee from Fort Nelson to Horserange camp is $1,000.00, to Gatage or Muskwa/Jim River camps it’s $1,200.00. NHRPF/NBCGA is $225.00. Non-hunting observer rates are $300.00 per person per day. Crating fees: $200.00 for 1st animal, $150.00 per additional animal harvested. The following government royalties are due for each animal harvested: $250.00 for Sheep, $75.00 for Caribou, $150.00 for Mountain Goat, $125.00 for Moose and Elk, $1,000.00 for Grizzly, $75.00 for Black Bear and no royalty due for Wolf.

Hunt Prices do not Include: G.S.T. at 5%, Non-Resident Hunt Preservation Fund of $150.00, license and tags.

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