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How would you like to travel to the Congo, Brazzaville and hunt Bongo with Wes? This year, the tentative dates are August 31 through September 12. There is only ONE OPENING available on this trip and it is priced at a VERY special rate! Contact Wes for details!!


A Safari into the Congo is so much more than just a hunt, it’s a trip into the rain forest. Home of the majestic, Silver Back gorillas, beautiful birds, world renowned Goliath Tiger fish, Pygmy trackers, Forest Elephant and much more. In addition to Bongo, we will be able to hunt Forest Sitatunga, Forest Buffalo, Yellow Back Duiker, Blue Duiker, Bay Duiker, White Bellied Duiker, Bates Pygmy Antelope, Peters Duiker, Red River Hog, Black Fronted Duiker and Ogilby’s Duiker


The hunting area here encompasses approximately 150,000 hectares or approximately 360,000 acres, adjacent to the Odzala National Park in the Republic of the Congo. This park was first protected in 1935 and declared a biosphere (meaning it is an ecosystem with plants and animals of unusual scientific and natural interest) reserve in 1997. The park has approximately 100 mammal species and one of the continent’s most diverse primate populations. It has one of the highest densities of western lowland gorilla and chimpanzee in Central Africa. Results of a 1998 survey conducted in the northern part of the park (where the hunting area is located) showed the presence of 13 large mammals, the most frequent of which were Bongo, Forest Buffalo, African Elephant, Red River Hog, Giant Forest Hog, Gorilla and Sitatunga. Other species of antelope include the Bay Duiker, Black Fronted Duiker, Peter’s Duiker, Yellow Back Duiker, Ogilby’s Duiker, White-Bellied Duiker and Bates Pygmy Antelope, including approximately 440 bird species having been recorded. In addition to all of the above, the camp is very friendly, comfortable, clean and very modern, especially considering the location!


This information will be provided prior to your hunt.


1×1 : 28.000 €
Observer : 3.250 €

Bongo, Buffalo, Sitatunga, duikers

1×1 : 8.000 €
Observer : 2.000 €

Yellow backed, Blue, Peter’s, Bay, Black fronted, Bates antelope, Red river hog

                               Daily Rates Include
Meet and greet and assistance at Brazzaville and Ouesso airports
Transfer from Ouesso to the hunting area (round trip)
The service of a licenced English speaking professional hunter, tracker, skinner
and camp staff
Rental of firearm
Field preparation of trophies
Full board accommodation and drinks (Alcoholic beverages with moderation)
Daily laundry
                                Daily Rates Exclude
Air fare and travel costs to Brazzaville
Domestic flight from Brazzaville to Ouesso airport 300 € round trip
Road transfer from Brazzaville to the camp (round trip) if domestic flights are not available 1.750 €
Visa, insurances (hunting responsibility, travel, cancellation, luggage,
Accommodations before and after the safari
Hunting license: 1.500 €.
Packing, crating, export license, CITES and veterinary certificates: 2.000 €
Trophy fees (wounded and lost animal, female equal double fee)
Shipment of trophies to final destination
Any changes to government trophy fees
Tips and personal spending

Trophy fee’s (in Euros)

Bongo – 5.000 €
Forest Sitatunga- 3.000 €
Forest Buffalo- 3.000 €
Yellow Back Duiker- (C. silvicultor) 2.500 €
Blue Duiker- (C. monticola) 600 €
Bay Duiker- (C. dorsalis) 600 €
Black- Fronted Duiker- (C. nigrifons) 600 €
Peter’s Duiker- (C. callipygus) 600 €
Bates Pygme Antelope- (Neotragus batesi) 600 €
Red River Hog- (P. procus) 700 €

*Female- Double Fee
**Wounded or lost animal – Trophy Fee

***Due the strict quota regulation please ensure all preferred species are available at the time of booking

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    Clothing and Equipment List Provided After Booking.