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“Dos Plumas”…a 5 star fully modern lodge with a professional bilingual lodge staff, wonderful food, the best of Argentine wines and spirits, and most of all, a man who built his dream lodge and business slowly and meticulously. This man, Ramiro, personally meets you upon arrival in Mendoza or San Luis, escorts you, and sees to your every request until you depart. You are his guest.

Mendoza Area

Let me start by saying this was my 19th trip to Argentina with many different Argentinian outfitters. In all of those trips I can honestly say Dos Plumas was my best overall experience. It’s hard to express all of the things that set Ramiro’s lodge apart. The lodge is beautiful, spotless and a reflection of years of planning. The staff is professional, courteous, warm and friendly. People often refer to cooks as chefs, there is a lot of difference between a cook and a chef. Leo is without a doubt a Master Chef. I’ve never had more beautifully prepared meals nor so diversified in any sporting camp; from the wonderful filet minion, baked trout, osso buco raviloi, soups and deserts. The Pigeon shooting was outstanding just as promised…no, “Better than promised,” – Wes.

Mendoza Area

San Luis, Argentina
Unparalleled Pigeon and Dove Shooting

Dos Plumas “Two Feathers” Lodge makes reference to the two species of birds you will enjoy shooting here, “Spot Winged Pigeon” and the “Eared Dove.”

Located near the small town of Lujan-San Luis, here Ramiro has exclusive wingshooting rights to more than 200 thousand cultivated, private acres. With the lodge not being far from Mendoza we can easily combine your wingshoot with a wine tour of Mendoza. Both Dove and Pigeon are here by the millions and here is the reason, farmers control the water by irrigation. They sow seeds every 15 days such as sunflower, corn, sorghum, wheat and soybeans. With this, the farmers are also harvesting every 15 days, assuring year round food for the birds.


A typical day consists of a wake-up call at 7 a.m. After a large breakfast you will be driven to the field for your shoot. Depending on where the best pre-scouted field exists, drives to the fields are anywhere from 15 to 50 minutes. You will shoot until 12:30 then enjoy a typical Argentina Gaucho style barbecue, relax and begin shooting again at 2:30 p.m. You will shoot until sunset. Upon returning to the lodge you will be received with drinks at the open bar, enjoying hors d’oeuvres that include Chef specialty dishes of dove and pigeon. Dinner is normally served at 7:30 p.m. Depending on the season guests can relax around the pool, the outdoor fire pit or the living room fire place.

Quite often we are asked about the weather in this region. Normally it is sunny and mild weather with very little rain. The temperatures not only vary between the season but between morning, afternoon and evening hours. Here are some normal weather examples: April and May – Dry with temperatures between 60°F  and 80°F. June, July and August – Dry with temperatures ranging from 30°F to 65°F. September and October – Some rain with temperatures from 65°F  to 85°F. November and March – Some rain with temperatures from 70°F  to 90° F.

Due to this lodge being located between San Luis and Mendoza our guests can choose to fly into Buenos Aires and connect to San Luis or Santiago de Chile connecting to Mendoza. Regardless of your arrival location we will meet you upon arrival and transport you to the lodge and return you to the same.


Construction of a new lodge for our guests was completed in April 2015. The lodge features five spacious double rooms, each with private bathrooms, two large beds, a dressing room and air conditioner. Private rooms are available at no additional charge as space permits.

The lodge chef prepares the tastiest dishes of Argentine Style gourmet meals made with products of the region. The wines at the lodge are the best of Mendoza, most often ranked as the premium wines in Argentina.


2020 Booking Cost:

April through August

Dove and Pigeon Shooting, 4 nights/3 full days based on groups of 4 or more hunters, $2,400.00 per person.

Extra days: Please add $800.00 per day to the 3 day price.

Half days: Please add $450.00 per half day to the 3 day price.

Promotions: Large group discount: Group of 10 or more shooting guest 1 goes free.

Father & son: one son under 24  is 50% of father’s price .

Group of 3: 3 full days/4 nights  $2,600.00

Dove Shooting, 4 nights/3 full days based on groups of 4 or more hunters, $1,300.00 per person.

Extra days: Please add $450.00 per extra day to 3 day price.

Half days: please add $300.00 per extra half day to 3 day price .

Promotions: Group of 8 or more shooters only $3,200.00 per day for the entire group! (minimum 3 days)

Father & Son : one son under 24  50% off fathers price.

Non Shooters: 50% of  shooters price.

 Pigeon Shooting Only: These Shoots are offered on a very limited basis. We conduct approximately 5 of these pigeon shoots annually. Each shooting guest is allowed to harvest 400 pigeons per person daily. If you enjoy shooting decoyed pigeons, this is your shoot. The cost is $1,000.00 per person daily with a minimum of 4  shooting guest and maximum of 8 guest.

Extra Daysplease add $800.00 per day

Half Days– please add $450.00 per day

Shoots Include: 

Meet and greet at Mendoza or San Luis Airport

Luxurious accommodations

Professional guides

Bird boys

Wonderful meals

Select wines

All ground transportation surrounding your shoot


Open Bar

Laundry service

Daily gun cleaning

*PLEASE NOTE – For groups of less than 4 hunters in a transfer, a $300.00 round trip transfer fee from Mendoza and a $150.00 round trip transfer fee from San Luis will apply.

Not Included: Any airfares, airport departure taxes, gun permits, hunting license of $130.00 per trip, ammunition at $13.00 per box for 25 cartridges, we normally stock plenty of 20 gauge shells if you prefer, or need 12, 28 or 410 gauge shells it must be requested at least 45 days in advance… telephone calls, trip insurance (we strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance), any transfers between airports in Buenos if required (please consult with us), shotgun rental of Benelli/Beretta 20 gauge semi-automatic of $70.00 per day. Should you chooses to import your own gun the Argentina Government charges $125.00 per gun, bird boy tips of $50.00 (recommended) per day, lodge staff tips of $100.00 (recommended) per guest for the entire staff.

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