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Travel Guard and Global Rescue protection insurances are highly recommended on all adventure travel trips. Speak with us when booking your trip for up-to-date details and cost.

Let us dream a bit. Imagine 88,000 private un-fenced acres….


This trip provides excellent “WILD” Pheasant, Grouse, Hungarian Partridge, Turkey, Ducks and Geese for the wing shooter. and magnificent Rainbow and Brown Trout fishing, for the beginner or seasoned veteran with fly or spin tackle.

Whitetail Deer hunting in some of the most beautiful cotton wood river bottoms you will ever see, or stalking trophy Mule Deer and Elk along timbered ridges and canyons or Antelope on the open plains.


How long has it been since you spent the day in a field with your favorite shotgun, enjoying shooting Wild Pheasants, Grouse and Partridge. Bring your dogs or use our guide’s dogs.

Picture this… Well before dawn with decoys spread; you, your guide and a dog stationed in a comfortable blind and all is quiet but the occasional rustle from the waters of the Bighorn River. It is a frosty morning and from somewhere back east the sun is beginning to break the horizon, the river’s fog is rising…your dog whines…your guide whispers and points as he places his favorite Duck or Goose call to his mouth…they circle and cup their wings…I will guarantee you the stock market is not on your mind at this moment!

Or maybe you prefer this… Spending the day fishing for trophy Brown and Rainbow Trout on the world famous Bighorn River. Your guide will use jet or drift boats to reach those overlooked hot spots. Or how about a  Prairie Dog Hunt – We have “unbelievable” numbers of these little varmints, so bring plenty of ammunition. Many other varmints and predators can be combined with these animals.

Or even this… Trapline Adventure – After the regular hunting and fishing seasons have ended it is time to start trapping. You will enjoy spending time with a seasoned trapper in the Big Horn and Yellowstone Valleys. You will follow the same waterways and tributaries as did Lewis and Clack, Jim Bridger and many other explorers on these adventures and discoveries. Learn how to and experience first-hand trapping for the silky fur of Beaver, Muskrat and other fur bearers like Coyote, Fox and Bobcat.

How long has it been since you were on a big game hunt that offered Trout Fishing, Waterfowl hunting or Wing Shooting to entertain you after you shoot your Deer? Where else can you go Spring or Fall Turkey hunting and combine Trout fishing or Pheasant hunting.



We are extremely proud to have been selected as exclusive agents for this beautiful ranch. The lodge was completed in 2000 and was built on the west bank of the Bighorn River. Literally step out from your room and walk across the lawn to world-class fishing on the un-crowded lower 13 miles of the Bighorn.

We can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests at once. Each room has its own private shower and bathroom. Meals are a dining experience, as each one is beautifully and professionally prepared. Obviously, this is a perfect couples, family, professional or business retreat; however, make no mistake, the hunting and fishing success and quality are not overlooked!


Daily Rates

Trout Fishing – 2 Anglers per Guide $350.00 p.p. daily
Wing Shooting $450.00 p.p. daily
Cast and Blast $450.00 p.p. daily
Prairie Dog Hunts $350.00 p.p. daily
Trapline Adventures $350.00 p.p. daily
Whitetail or Mule Deer Hunts – 5 Days $3,500.00 p.p.
Elk Hunts – 5 Days $5,500.00 p.p.
Antelope Hunts – 5 Days $2,500.00 p.p.
Spring Turkey Hunts $450.00 p.p. daily
Non-Hunting or Fishing Guest $75.00 p.p. daily
*PLEASE REMEMBER* Fishing and Wing Shooting can be combined on all Big Game hunts at no additional charge.


Deer – Archery: September 6 through October 19 / Gun – October 26 through November 30* This is an outfitter sponsored license; this license must be applied for by March 15 annually. Upon booking your trip, our outfitter will furnish you an outfitter certification form that must be completed and returned to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to purchase your license. This license includes conservation, deer, fishing, and upland game bird license, excluding turkey.
Antelope – Archery – September 6 through October 11 / Gun – October 12 through November 9 
Pheasant & Grouse Pheasant – October 11 through December 15. 
Sage Grouse – September 1 through November 19. All other Grouse and                    Partridge – September 1 through December 15. 
Wild Turkey- Spring: April 15 through May 15 / Fall: September 1 through December 15, October 4 through January 8 
Geese October 4 through January 16 **A Federal Waterfowl Stamp is also required. 
Fishing Two-day permit and Annual license are available. 
Prairie Dog & Coyote No license required.

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Clothing and Equipment List Provided After Booking.