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Travel Guard and Global Rescue protection insurances are highly recommended on all adventure travel trips. Speak with us when booking your trip for up-to-date details and cost.

Our safaris are conducted by George and Rike Deloch. George’s father founded this company in 1973. All hunts are guided by George and all food is prepared by Rike, his wife. This is a great place for a family or small group of friends to go on a hunt and vacation. Each safari is custom planned and you and your group will have the safari camp exclusively. Cost is without a doubt one of the best bargains left in Africa today.

Namibia, Africa

Namibia, Africa

Our first hunt and visit to this country was a real eye opening experience. Namibia (formerly known as Southwest Africa) is the youngest country in Africa, having gained its independence in 1990. Namibia was settled by Germans before World War I.

Our safari base area is in the Khomashochland Mountains, approximately 90 km from the city of Windhoek. All hunts are fair-chase and are conducted for the most part by spot and stalk. The months of April through October are considered the best for  hunting. Many people think that Namibia is hot and dry; however, it is very common for temperatures to dip to 30° F or less each night, starting each day with a heavy jacket and frosty mornings. The terrain here is very similar to parts of Wyoming and Montana.

Namibia is renowned for its large herds of trophy class Oryx (Gemsbok), Red Hartebeest, Kalahari Springbuck, Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra and without a doubt, exceptional Southern Greater Kudu. Having hunted in many African countries, Wes will tell you this area offers the best free-ranging trophy Kudu hunting he has encountered in Africa, especially when the big Kudu bulls are in the rut during May and June. If you enjoy hunting Bull Elk or Whitetail Bucks when they are rutting, you will definitely enjoy hunting rutting Kudu Bulls. By the way, Leopard populations are very good in this area and Leopard can be combined with Plains Game hunting while on safari. If you are fortunate enough to take a Leopard, the daily rates and trophy fees are a very, very good bargain.


  • "First off, I had the time of my life on this trip! Words can't express how impressed I was with the hunting, cultural experience, attention to detail, etc. There was NOTHING on this trip that was short of exemplary! George and Rike treated us like friends and totally part of their family. This really made the trip special. George was an absolute pleasure to hunt with every day and he was so willing to stop for photos of birds and other wildlife. I will tell you that this is my second hunt booked through your company and I will NEVER book through anyone else. I am convinced that there are few people in this industry that are as truthful, professional and helpful as you!"
    - Brian B.
  • "This hunt vastly exceeded all my expectations. The game density on the property is very good. There are good herds of Zebra, Gemsbok, Kudu, Black Wildebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Hartebeest, Springbok and Steenbok. There also are good numbers of Warthogs, Jackals, Klipspringer and Baboons. We didn't see (or seek to hunt) any Leopards or Hyenas, but we saw plenty of their tracks. In addition to game animals, we also saw Hyrax, Red-Eared Fox, an Aardwolf and a Honey Badger. Although we had 4 active hunters on the Deloch farm, none of us had any trouble filling our tickets."
    - Leon K.


Guest chalets are fully modern, spotless and first class.

In addition to lodging photos we have included a lot of photos from George’s safari area. Make sure you take a look!


We have “ONE and “ONLY ONE” legally issued Namibian Government Leopard hunting license and export permit for the 2020 hunting season. The safari requires a 14 day minimum booking. The daily rates $8,400.00 USD with a trophy fee of $6,500.00 USD due after shooting your leopard. All normal safari services are included. Airport Reception/Departure Services from Windhoek. Modern accommodations, professional hunter and safari support staff. Daily laundry service, gun permits. Alcohol in moderation, soft drink and bottled water.

Namibia, Africa – 7 day Plainsgame Safaris guided “1×1″, $2,500.00 USD, guided”2×1” $1,960.00 USD per person. Includes meals, very nice lodging, Professional Hunters, safari camp staff, trophy care and delivery to local taxidermist. Beer and wine in moderation, Windhoek Airport reception and departure service. Non hunting guest $125.00 per day. This is free range hunting unless otherwise discussed. Trophy fees are very reasonable, here are some examples:

Baboon Caracal  & Jackel,Lynx No Fee Impala $550.00
Black Wildebeest $900.00 Klipspringer $800.00
Blesbok $500.00 Kudu $1,500.00
Blue Wildebeest $900.00 Gemsbok- (oryx) $650.00
Burchell’s Zebra $1,000.00 Red Hartebeest $650.00
Cheetah $2,500.00 Roan $8,000.00
Damara Dik-Dik $1,450.00 Sable $7,500.00
Duiker $400.00 Springbok $550.00
Eland* $2,000.00 Steenbok $400.00
Giraffe $2,000.00 Waterbuck $2,300.00
Hartmann’s Mtn. Zebra $650.00 Warthog $450.00

* These animals are hunted in other areas and prices are subject to change without notice

Not Included In the Trip Rate:

  • Round-trip international travel expenses
  • Lodging before or after contracted safari dates
  • Trophy fees for animals harvested or wounded
  • Taxidermy fees for mounting your trophies or shipping of trophies to their final destinations
  • Special transfer or air charter cost if desired or requested
  • Cancellation insurance or medical insurance

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