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During your hunt, you will experience the beautiful wilderness country unchanged by time. A place where a family and their guides live by the motto “Find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Northern British Columbia, Canada

Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Moose, Mountain Goat and Fishing

Located in the spectacular mountains of Northern British Columbia, Canada, this 940,000-acre area is a scenic, 100-mile float plane, flight north of Smithers, B.C. The northern part of this area is 240 miles from the Yukon Border. This area offers some exceptional Moose, Mountain Goat and Bear hunting.

Northern British Columbia, Canada

Our outfitter, Michael, is a second-generation outfitter. His dad started outfitting in the early 70’s, taking Michael on many hunts in Alaska and Canada. During this time, it became very evident to Michael that British Columbia is where he wanted to live and outfitting is what he wanted to do. In 1987, at the age of 19, Michael and his then girlfriend, Manuela, moved from Germany to B.C., never looking back. After having two sons, Rene and Christian, this family runs a very successful hunting and fishing lodge. Rene and Christian have accompanied their parents on many adventures since they were born. They learned how to cast a line, shoot a bow or gun, build a fire, clean a grouse and skin a bear before they started to school.

This family ran hunting business also employs the use of hunting dogs. These dogs are born, bred and trained to track wounded game. You truly learn the meaning of “dog is man’s best friend,” especially while hunting in remote areas or in Grizzly Country.


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Moose Hunts 

Our moose camps are accessible by drive-in or fly-in. They are fully stocked and equipped to provide the perfect base to hunt from. If you are looking for an exceptional Moose, our most northern camps offer the best opportunity for big Canadian Moose. Most of our Moose locations offer a great opportunity for combination hunts. Trophy fees apply to Mountain Goat, Black Bear and Grizzly Bear. There is no extra fee for Wolves.

Dates and Hunt Cost: Dates: Sept. 06-16; Sept. 16-26; Sept. 26-Oct. 06; Oct. 06-16

9 day 1×1 Driftwood River (drive-in) $7,900.00
9 day 1×1 Most Lakes (fly-in) $8,500.00
9 day 1×1 Sustut River (fly-in) $9,000.00
9 day 1×1 White Lake (fly-in) $10,900.00

Included: Moose and any Wolves harvested. Not Included: Species licenses for Moose – $250.00, Goat – $350.00, Grizzly Bear – $1,030.00, Black Bear – $180.00, Wolf – $50.00 each, extra packer – $1,000.00 (optional), trophy fee for Mountain Goat – $4,500.00, Black Bear – $1,600.00 and Grizzly Bear – $15,000.00. 

Mountain Goat 

The Skeena and Omineca Mountains of British Columbia are well known for producing record book quality Mountain Goats. Out Goats range in size from 9″ to 11″ with an average of 9 1/2″ and our success is usually 100%. The reason for our great success on Mountain Goat hunts is the terrain. We hunt our Goats between 5,000 and 6,000 feet in elevation. In several locations, the hike to the tree-line is only 2 to 4 hours and the use of some cut trails makes it quite manageable for most hunters in good physical condition. If you are not confident in your physical ability to do a Goat hunt, please give us a call and we will describe these “easier” locations in detail to you and let you decide if that could be right for you.

  Dates and Hunt Cost:

9 day 1×1 Aug. 17-27; Various Camps $8,500.00
9 day 1×1 Aug. 27-Sept. 06; Various Camps $8,500.00
9 day 1×1 Sept. 06-16; Various Camps $8,500.00
9 day 1×1 Sept. 16-26; Various Camps $8,500.00
9 day 1×1 Sept. 06-16; Alpine Lake $10,900.00
9 day 1×1 Sept. 16-26; Alpine Lake $10,900.00

Included: One Mountain Goat and any Wolves harvested. Not Included: Species licenses for Goat – $350.00, Moose – $250.00, Grizzly Bear – $1,030.00, Black Bear – $180.00 and Wolf – $50.00 each. We also have drive-in, back pack Goat hunts available that will save you the charter fee. 

Fall Grizzly Bear Hunt

This hunt is easily combined with a Mountain Goat hunt. For this hunt we fly from Smithers to Bear Lake. We stay in a very comfortable lodge located right on the lake shore. The hunt is conducted on the Bear River which flows from Bear Lake 6 miles in to the Sustut River. From camp we work our way down stream to hunt the top half of the River. The season opens September 1st and we can stalk Grizzly Bears until September 25th successfully. This river is packed with Chinook, or as some call them, “King Salmon.” Grizzlies love fish, but this is one species that they cannot refuse. There are about 15,000 to 20,000 fish in the Bear River splashing and fighting for the best spawning grounds. We walk the river banks as well and hunt from tree stands optimally placed at Bear hot-spots; many are situated to put the hunter within range.

Dates and Hunt Cost:

10 Day 1×1 Aug. 31-Sept. 11; Bear River $17,500.00
10 Day 1×1 Sept. 11-Sept. 22; Bear River $17,500.00

Included: Grizzly Bear and any Wolves harvested Not Included: Species licenses for Goat – $350.00, Grizzly Bear – $1,030.00, Black Bear – $180.00, Wolf – $50.00 each, extra packer – $1,000.00 (optional), trophy fee for Mountain Goat – $4,500.00 and Black Bear – $1,600.00. 

Spring Black Bear Hunt In the Spring the Bears can be seen feeding on the fresh green grass in the various logging blocks and roads of Northern B.C. It are these clear cuts and side roads that green up first in May & June. The Bear hunts are done from ATV, a pick-up or by walking. It is not uncommon to see more than 20 to 40 Bears on your 6-day hunt. Success on the Spring Bear hunts is typically 100%.

Dates and Hunt Cost:

6 Day 2×1 May 23-30; Driftwood River $3,900.00
6 Day 2×1 June 01-08; Driftwood River $3,900.00
6 Day 2×1 June 09-16; Sustut River $3,900.00
6 Day 2×1 June 16-23; Sustut River $3,900.00

Included: One Black Bear and any Wolves Not Included: 1×1 upgrade fee – $600.00, species licenses for Black Bear – $180.00 and Wolf – $50.00 each.

Additional Hunting Rates and Packages 

Included in all hunts is ground transportation, accommodations and meals in the area during the hunt. You will fly in to Prince George or Smithers Airport (depending on the hunt location) and we will book a hotel room for you and pick you up the next day to go out to the hunting area. Not Included: Hunting license – $180.00, Fishing license – $89.00, Hunter Preservation Fund – $200.00, CITES – $30.00, charter flight – $1,100.00 and taxes.

If your hunt is to a remote location accessed only by air, there will be an extra charge for the air charter.

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