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Travel Guard and Global Rescue protection insurances are highly recommended on all adventure travel trips. Speak with us when booking your trip for up-to-date details and cost.

If you are looking for a  great opportunity to harvest that special buck of your dreams, then come and match your wits, skills and patience with these bucks.


The Buckeye State has long held the reputation of producing big bodied, heavy antlered trophy bucks. Come along with us and see for yourself on approximately 400 acres of prime estate hunting in East Central Ohio, nestled in the beautiful hardwood hills and rich valley farmlands near the small community of Newcomerstown , Ohio.

This is Amish Country and the clatter of horse drawn carriages through beautiful farming communities can be heard and seen first-hand.


The deer you will be hunting live here and roam these hills, hollows and valleys daily. Quality food sources, cold weather and travel corridors are capitalized on to offer you an excellent opportunity to take that trophy buck of a lifetime with archery, handgun, muzzleloader, shotgun or rifle.


The fully modern 3,000 plus square foot, three story, beautiful log cabin has six private bedrooms, is handicap accessible, has a beautiful kitchen, dining area, game room with pool tables, fireplaces and a spacious great room with a million dollar view of the hunting area. In fact, it is not uncommon for our guests to use a spotting scope or binoculars  and locate a trophy buck or bucks from the comfort of the great room. It is a perfect place for a group of friends, your family or business associates to come relax and enjoy a successful hunt. Non-hunters are welcome to accompany their spouse, companion or friends and share in their hunt, relax at the lodge or enjoy autumn in Amish Country with beautiful sights, shops and wine cellars.


3 Day  hunts  include meals ,first class fully modern lodge in a beautiful custom log lodge ,”1×1″ guide service,field care and preparation for your antlers and cape to return to your residence  or the taxidermist of your choice,and your hunting license are included when you shoot a buck of your choice for the following fees;


Gun hunting packages are 3 days and cost as follows:


140-149 points $3,500.00
150-159 points $4,000.00
160-169 points $5,500.00
170-179 points $6,000.00
180-199 points $7,000.00
200-225 points $7,500.00
226-250 points $8,500.00

We have bucks that score from 251 points to well over 300 points.These bucks are sold on a per buck basis.

We have Fallow Deer,Sika Deer,Muflon Sheep and other exotics available as well.


Hunting Package Policies: All state and local laws are followed.

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