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Are you interested in a hunting adventure that will not break the bank, in one of the most beautiful countries in the world? If so, Poland is your destination.


Poland is a beautiful, clean country with gorgeous scenery ranging from unbelievable old buildings, stunning cathedrals, wonderful restaurants, friendly people and unbelievable Roe deer hunting. Wes hunted here in late July 2018 and shot these 6 bucks in 5 days of hunting!


Your hosts, Lenny and Paula

Do you enjoy hunting Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer or Elk in the rut? If so, you will enjoy hunting Roe Deer when they are rutting. This normally occurs during July and August annually; allowing those of us who enjoy hunting members of the deer family the opportunity to hunt antlered deer in our summer months.

Hunting methods consist of calling, spot and stalk or still hunting from ground blinds or elevated shooting houses. All of our Roe Deer hunts are conducted in free range, fair chase, agriculture and timber private estates. These little guys go night and day during the rutting period. You will witness some serious fighting, watch them run does, rub bushes, make scrapes, toss hay and corn stalks up in the air as well as calling them in close with mouth and pull calls.

In addition to Roe Deer, we hunt ducks, geese, pheasants, pigeon and European Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Muflon and Wild Boar.


Our guests are housed in country hotels or bed and breakfast accommodations, depending on the areas hunted. Meals are prepared in house.


All Hunts (unless otherwise specified):

6 nights/5 days hunting – $2,500.00 per person plus the following trophy fees for each Roe Deer shot

Non-Hunters:$250.00 per person/per day

Roe Deer
Up to 349 grams $400.00
Bronze Medal (350-399 grams) $700.00
Silver Medal (400-449 grams) $900.00
Gold Medal (from 450 grams) $1,100.00
Wig (velvet or non-typical) Roebuck $2,090.00
Wounded buck, not found $200.00
Roe Deer Blast – $4,000.00 Roebucks (up to 349 grams) included
Bronze Medal (350-399 grams) $300.00
Silver Medal (400-449 grams) $500.00
Gold Medal (from 450 grams) $700.00
Red Stag
up to 6 kg $1,750.00
Bronze Medal (6-6.99 kg) $1,750.00 +$6 per / .01 kg above 6 kg
Silver Medal (7-7.99 kg) $2,350.00 +$12 per / .01 kg above 7 kg
Gold Medal (from 8 kg) $3,550.00 +$15 per / .01 kg above 8 kg
Fallow Buck
up to 2.50 kg $800.00
Bronze Medal (2.50-2.99 kg) $800.00 +$8 per / .01 kg above 2.5 kg
Silver Medal (3.00-3.49 kg) $1,200.00 +$15 per / .01 kg above 3 kg
Gold Medal (from 3.50 kg) $1,950.00 +$19 per / .01 kg above 3.5 kg
up to 700 cm $1,700.00
Bronze Medal (700-749 cm) $1,700.00 +$16 per / mm above 700 cm
Silver Medal (750-799 cm) $2,500.00 +$20 per / mm above 750 cm
Gold Medal (from 800 cm) $3,500.00 +$24 per / mm above 800 cm
Wild Boar
Bronze Medal (14-15.9 cm) $500.00
Silver Medal (16-19.9 cm) $900.00
Gold Medal (from 20 cm) $1,300.00

Driven Hunt: October 1-January 15

5 nights/4 days hunting – $2,750.00 per person Game in the price:

  • Wild Boar – without restriction
  • Red Stag – one for each day of hunting (stag up to 5kg in the price, more than 5kg price list) + if necessary, surplus hunting plan (price list)
  • Red Hind – without restrictions up to the amount of hunting plan
  • Roe Deer – without restrictions up to the amount of hunting plan
  • Predators – without restriction


  • No daily limits
  • 5 nights accommodation/4 days hunting
Duck August 15 – December 21
Geese September 1 – December 21
Pigeon August 15 – November 30
Pheasant September 1 – End of February

*Fees for hunting according to weight of the antlers together with the skull (including: nasal bone, occipital and upper jaw) without jaw – after subtracting 90 grams.Included: License, meals, guides, lodging, pilot/translator, transportation from the airport and during the hunt Approximate Annual Hunting Seasons

Ducks August 15 – December 21
Fallow Deer September 1 – February 28
Geese September 1 – January 31
Muflon October 1 – February 28
Pheasants October 1 – February 28
Pigeons August 15 – November 30
Red Deer August 21 – February 28
Roe Deer May 11 – September 30
Wild Boar Year Round

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