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If you are looking for that long beamed, tall tined, wide spread typical buck of a lifetime, this is your hunt!


Welcome to the legendary South Texas brush and cactus country. As “ZZ Top” states in their famous song¬†La Grange, ” Just let me know if you wanna go to that home out on the range, haw! haw! haw!”

Guess why so many Whitetail Deer hunting videos, television shows and documentaries are filmed in South Texas. Because big Bucks are so prolific here. As a matter of fact, most hunters who visit us in South Texas have the opportunity to witness Whitetail Deer activities and behaviors that are unparalleled.

If you haven’t hunted in South Texas you owe yourself a trip. If it’s been a while, you need to come back. If you hunted with us last year chances are you have already scheduled your return trip. We use a special blind, large enough for a family of 4, to hunt from. A “Sendero” with enough deer crossing, feeding, running does, fighting and rutting that resembles rush hour traffic on I-75 in Downtown Atlanta! We have an excellent guide with his set of trusty rattling horns waiting for you on the beautiful G-5 Ranches.


Every hunter owes themselves one trip in their lifetime to hunt Trophy Whitetail Bucks with us!

Whitetail Deer hunts on 5 private intensely managed fenced ranches with big native Whitetail Bucks:

These hunts take place approximately 70 miles south of San Antonio, in Frio County, in the famous Texas Brush Country and the beautiful Frio River Bottoms.

Hunts are conducted as follows:

  • Day 1: Arrive mid-day and hunt that evening
  • Day 2 & 3: Hunt AM & PM
  • Day 4: Hunt AM and depart mid-day

These ranches range in size from 1,000 to 3,000 acres and are enrolled in the State of Texas Managed Land Deer Permit Program (MLDP). Season normally opens the first Saturday in October and closes the last day of February.

As a added bonus, you will be allowed to shoot any Bobcats, Coyotes or Wild Hog you encounter.

We hunt the following exotic animals on other private ranches as well
Addax,Nlgia ,Pere Davids Deer,Barasingah Deer, Red Sheep, Black buck, Red Stag,Blesbuck,Buffalo,Horned Orxy,Elk,Sika ,Fallow Deer, Gemsbok ,Water buck,please cal us for up to date pricing.



We have a new fully modern, clean and comfortable lodge for you to enjoy.


Whitetail Deer hunts on 5 private ranches:

Base cost is $2,500.00 p.p. with the following trophy fees due after shooting a buck.

140-150 points $2,000.00 trophy fee
150-160 points $3,000.00 trophy fee
160-170 points $4,000.00 trophy fee
170-180 points $5,000.00 trophy fee
180-190 points $6,000.00 trophy fee
190-200 points $8,000.00 trophy fee
Bucks scoring 200 or better points are priced on request (POR)

To shoot more than one deer, ask Wes for special pricing!

All Hunts Include: “1×1” guide services, meals, drinks,lodging, field care of your trophy .

Not Included: Air travel to San Antonio, hunting license and auto rental.

*Please Note* Airport pickup and return can be arranged.

Rio Grande Turkey hunts are 3-days for $1,250.00 with a two gobbler limit.

Wild Hog hunts are 3-days for $1,000.00 with unlimited pigs. Extra days are $300.00 p.p.

Aoudad hunts are 4-days for $3,750.00 and include meals, lodging, guides, hunt ground transportation and field care of trophy. You will fly to San Antonio, rent a vehicle and drive approximately 90 minutes to the Junction Texas area.

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