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Antelope,Black Bear,Elk, Mountain Lion, Mule Deer &Whitetail Deer



These hunts take place on a private ranch totaling more than 25,000 contiguous acres near the town of Sheridan, Wyoming. Now days many places use the term “Trophy Managed” very loosely. However, let us assure you no expense has been spared for years in trophy managing this piece of property. With a full time Wildlife Biologist, wildlife habitat improvement programs, numerous annual game surveys, planting and nutrition programs; this ranch lives up to the term “Trophy Managed.” This is “NOT” a high fenced or enclosed game ranch. All of the game on the ranch is wild and free ranging.


Trophy Elk Hunts

This ranch normally offers Elk hunters the opportunity to take a 320 to 370 class Bull Elk. Occasionally we take Elk larger than this with Bulls scoring more than 400 B&C points having been taken.

Trophy Whitetail Hunts

Hunters will see a lot of bucks on this hunt and can expect the opportunity to take a buck that scores in the 140’s to 160’s; with bucks scoring 170 or better being taken on occasion.

Management Buck Hunts

These hunts have all the same amenities as the guided trophy Whitetail hunts; however, you will be hunting older bucks that have reached full growth potential and only have 8 to 10 point racks that typically score in the 120’s to 130’s. This hunt is a real bargain and a perfect hunt for a hunter on a budget, a young hunter or someone who wants to take a beautiful western Whitetail buck and enjoy the experience.


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ANTELOPE HUNT:      3 Hunting days ,guided.   ” 2×1 ” $2,500.00

Mule Deer Hunt:          4 hunting days, guided.    “2×1”   $4,500.00

 Elk:                                 5 hunting days,  guided    “1×1”    $6,500.00

Mountain Lion :            5 hunting days ,guided.   “1×1”     $6,500.00

Whitetail Deer:              3 1/2 hunting days.                        $4,900.00

Black Bear:                      5 hunting days .                             $2,500.00

Spring Turkey & Black Bear Hunt :5 Hunting days            $3,500.00

Antelope& Mule-Deer Hunt: 5 hunting days guided 2×1  $5,200.00








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